Lowe's Home Improvement

Front-end Development / JavaScript / Caffeine

“Never stop improving the code”

Led the Front-end development for the Lowes.com homepage for about ten months. I now focus on building high-level features and daily maintenance for the blue beast.


My main roles at Lowe's include designing and developing custom JavaScript modules, compliant markup, front-end implementation strategies and defect resolution.

I also work with partnership brands to create and build innovative micro sites for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

My focus, when building a module or website, lies on the functionality, page size, compliant-code, refactoring, refinement, accessibility, unit testing, split testing, usability and a pleasant experience for Lowe's online visitors.

MyLowes Quiz

I was involved with the launching of the MyLowe's project. MyLowe's is a personalized purchase management app and loyalty program for Lowe's. MyLowe's helps its users make returns easier, track in-store and online purchases, offer you inventory reminders and the ability to save shopping lists.

When attempting to get the program off the ground we wanted to engage our users and build awareness. We hoped this plan would generate new sign ups for the service. I think we were successful overall due to the fact that we saw an increase in home page traffic up to just under 43% for the campaign's duration.

My task was to build a simple interactive quiz that would be featured on Lowe's home page for a few days.

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Ping Pong

Every time I walked over to the ping pong room, the tables were always occupied. This was a little app I wanted to build out to reserve one of the two Lowe's ping pong tables. It allows two persons to schedule what time and what table to reserve, for 30 minute slots.

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Employee Discount Page

This was a quick development of a discount page for Lowe's employees. Nothing fancy to see here, just a little holiday letter from the big boss.

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This was the assessment I took during my interview process with Lowe's. The test evaluated markup, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript capabilities.

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